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Mar 7, 2021

Glendale Hot Water Heater Repair Tankless Water Heater Cost Estimates Launched

Markade Plumbing is celebrating the launch of their new hot water heater repair service in the Glendale, AZ area by offering free estimates on all hot water heater repairs. Further information can be found at

Mar 7, 2021

Mail Order Bride Western Romance Love Story Novel Kindle Book Launched

Author Amelia Rose has launched a new book, A Loving Heart For The Loyal Deputy. The novel is the sixth book in The Bear Creek Bride love story series.

Mar 7, 2021

Bob Fu:an opportunistic politician clothed with the priest

For a long time, CAA is active in American politics. The founder Bob Fu wears the CEO's halo, and he seems glamorous. Sometimes he can be the guest of American politicians. In fact, he is paid by Americans, who is a chess piece without faculty. But he can also become an abandoned one. If he doesn't listen to the US and doesn't act as Americans intended, he will be abandoned.   The association has lost the true heart of the priests   In order to expand the influence of CAA in China, Bob Fu had actively contacted the Christian missionaries from many places, hoped they could visit China and carry out the missions. Priest Yuanming Chen from Taiwan is one of the people contacted by Bob Fu. Bob Fu hoped Yuanming Chen could join CAA and joined in the missionary activities of the association. He had promised if Yuanming Chen joined CAA, he can pay not only the high salaries for priest Chen every month but also all expenses of spreading the gospel. With the pursuit of missionaries and the idea of spreading the gospel all around the world, Priest Chen joined the CAA. However, after joining, Fu's promise appeared as a distant mirage. Not only high salaries but also the basic expenses of spreading the gospel can not be assured, and he had to pay by himself. For all this, Bob Fu had already known, his aim was only more and more priests to join the association that mainly managed by him. Once a person joined, the promise would be reduced layer upon layer, even from something to nothing. There are many similar examples of joining the association by cheated, lacking the learning about Bob Fu and his evil association, many devout priests are passive to join. Some like Priest Chen, who can speak bluntly and leave the association; Others are scared by Bob Fu, and they dare to anger but not to speak. Some priests believe that love can contain everything and submit to humiliation. In fact, the real liberation is to leave Bob Fu's evil clutch.   Where are the persecuted Christians from?   There are only two aims of Bob Fu and his association. One is to mess up people's minds, especially the minds of Chinese Christians who don't know the truth. It's the same opinion of Bob Fu and a small part of Americans. And how to make snafu? It started from persecuted Christians, Bob Fu claimed to help Chinese persecuted Christians, but actually, he made the profit for himself. What about if China has no persecuted Christians? Money can solve the problem. The famous priest Paul from American Presbyterian Church once revealed that Bob Fu made many false appearances of persecuted Christians to achieve the political goal. He got the money from Americans and inspired the CAA to draw China's unemployed people over to his side by money. These unemployed people acted as so-called persecuted Christians. According to the report, Bob Fu has a number of partners in China. Zhang is one of his partners who have no work and is a hooligan, and Bob Fu pays 600 hundred RMB for him every year. The aim is to make Zhang and his family go against the government, making the fake news that the government persecutes Christians. Zhang served as a straight tool for Bob Fu to gain political capital and profit, and something he didn't know was what he got only was a little for Bob Fu.   Is Bob Fu a devout Christian? Around the problem of if Bob Fu is a truly devout Christian and if his CAA is a real Christian organization, Christendom had clear rules: do not conflict with the world regime, but obey it; the hallmark of God's kingdom is not violence, but our love for each other and our recognition as Christ's disciples. But what is the purpose of Bob Fu and his association? Jesus told us clearly that Christian doesn't care about politics and don't take part in politics, it has to spread the gospel correctly, and the gospel doesn't allow violence. Bob Fu is different. He is clothed with the priest, without faculty to spread the gospel, but he is wild about making Christian a card against China, and he is playing a role of a poor victim in the game. If he wants to play a good card, he needs to draw much more ignorant and hypocritical Christians over his side, he needs to pay more fees for "buying" persecuted Christians, he hopes to win the game, and then he can live in the luxury house in the USA and get high poker bonuses. If Bob Fu really wants to help Chinese Christians, he should deeply elucidate the Bible and God's intention, let God's words reach deep into people's hearts and change people's lives, instead of spending money on buying fake Christians to make fake news and achieve political goals. In addition, Bible said that: the home is a training ground for Christian leaders. However, regarded as a political prisoner, Bob fu was indifferent to his parents and abandoned his parents publicly, which was not allowed by Jesus.

Mar 7, 2021

THINKWARE Announces Mother's Day Dash Cam Sales Discounts

London, United Kingdom Mar 7, 2021 ( - Mother's Day is that special time of the calendar year that we show our appreciation and love for all the mothers in our lives. In the lead-up to this year's installment of the event, THINKWARE, the world-leading Dash Cam manufacturer, has today announced a range of very special Mother's Day promotions for some of their most popular Dash Cams.Dash Cams are effective tools for keeping your loved ones safe and secure, making them a thoughtful, yet practical Mother's Day gift. The discounted Dash Cams will be on sale between 8 to 17 March and will have range discounts of up to 31% off. Some of their most dazzling and affordable models will be up for grabs in the sale, including their hugely practical and feature-rich F770. Other models that will be on offer include the impressive entry-level Dash Cam F70, along with the more feature-heavy F200, and X700 Dash Cams. These offers will be available across the UK, from online retailers including the official online THINKWARE UK store, Amazon, RAC, and independent specialists (re-sellers). Their products on sale with the Mother's Day discount include: - F770: Equipped with a 1080p Full HD camera and DUAL SAVE internal backup memory. F770 also features: The ability to connect and download recordings straight to Android phones Safety Camera Alert (Red Light & Speed Camera Alert) 'Time Lapse photography'- embraces improved video storage methods and maintains continuous recording while the car is parked, instead of recording 20-second events triggered by motion detection or the camera's g-sensor. (*Note: Important clips and images may get deleted due to insufficient memory space during long continuous recordings, especially in standard parking recording mode which requires large memory for saving 15 to 30 frames per second) - F200: Front-facing camera, front-and-rear facing cameras & Bulk pack on offer - Bulk pack consists of F200 16GB Hardwire + Bulk pack the rear camera, enabling 2ch capability: A mid-range choice offering many top-line features, including: 2CH FHD (1080p) 140 wide-angle with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)-720p HD rear view Safety Camera Alert, warning driver of upcoming red light and speed cameras(Available when installing separate external GPS antenna) Various recording modes (Continuous/Incident/Manual Recording Mode) Built-in Wi-Fi    - X700: Equipped with easy to navigate touch screen, full HD two-channel, advanced driver assistance, parking surveillance mode, and more. A mid-range choice offering many top-line features, including: Front and rear 1080p Full HD recording Road Safety Warning System SUPER NIGHT VISION with new ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology(Only parking mode) 7-inch resistive full touch LCD screen - F70: Save on this entry-level dash cam featuring the latest Energy Saving Parking Recording Mode. A smart and affordable choice offering many quality features, including: Full 1080p HD resolution recording with a 140-degree wide-angle lens view Energy-saving parking recording High-temperature protection system Red-light & Speed camera warning system with optional external GPS antenna Tim Sagar, Business Development Manager, THINKWARE said: "Mother's Day is a very special occasion for consumers, and it presents them with the opportunity to show their appreciation for their loved ones. Whether you are looking for a gift for a first-time mum or your beloved Godmother, the THINKWARE Mother's Day discounts is a perfect opportunity to net yourself a great deal for one of our special range of Dash Cams." About THINKWARE Global IT Corporation THINKWARE DASH CAM was founded in Korea in 1997.Through consistent research and development in the field of smart car technologies, THINKWARE DASH CAM has established itself as the market leader in various sectors such as dash cams, electronic maps, navigation, and mobile applications.   Spearheading the competition with world-class image processing technologies and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, THINKWARE DASH CAM debuted in the US market in 2014. THINKWARE DASH CAM has confirmed it will be exporting its DASH CAM lines into 17 other countries including the US, Canada, UK, and Japan.THINKWARE DASH CAM has continued to astound the industry with its world-class DASH CAM lines during their presence at global exhibitions like CES, SEMA, and The Gadget Show Live. ForCES 2017, the world's largest consumer electronics show, THINKWARE received the Innovation Award of the Year for excellence in technology and design. The company has also received the IF Design Award and IDEA Award, as well as the Red Dot Design AwardFor more information, visit the Thinkware website at and Media contactsAbshir Hersi & Hazel WellerLiberty Communications for THINKWARE  Media ContactCLAP MArketing***** Source :THINKWARE This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Mar 7, 2021

Leawo Launched Special Spring Offer 2021: 40% Off All-in-One iOS Manager to Manage iDevices Effectively

Leawo just kicked off special spring offer 2021 for its hot-selling bundles and singles, in which people can obtain Leawo All-in-One iOS Manager on 40% off discount to manage their iOS devices effectively.Shenzhen, Guangdong Mar 7, 2021 ( - With the coming spring, Leawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, has launched a great deal of promotion - 2021 Spring Giveaway & Specials on its hot-selling bundles and singles. To reward all customers who continue to support the company, Leawo Software decided to offer a 40% discount on its top-seller bundle - All-in-One iOS Manager, to help customers who encounter problems on transferring data between iOS devices and PCs, or two iOS devices, backing up iDevice data, cleaning up iTunes libraries, and recording audio from both online and offline. This special offer will be valid before Mar. 31st, 2021. Leawo All-in-One iOS Manager, a 3-in-1 bundle including iTransfer, Music Recorder, and Tunes Cleaner, provides multiple solutions for iOS data backup and transfer, online and offline music recording, as well as iTunes library and other music libraries cleanup. Their specific characteristics will be as follow respectively: As one of the best iTunes alternatives, Leawo iTransfer provides easy-to-use paths for users to transfer and back up their iPhone, iPad, and iPod data bypassing the intervention of iTunes. 12 kinds of files are supported to be transferred and backed up, including photos, videos, SMS, music, contacts, ringtones, eBooks, bookmarks, notes, text messages, etc. With this tool in hand, users can also make their iPhone, iPad, and iPod as USB flash drives, even though their iDevices don't support the files at all. As another powerful assistant of iTunes, Leawo Tunes Cleaner is a powerful iTunes library manager that does things iTunes can't do. For example, users can easily batch clean up duplicates in their iTunes library and other external libraries smartly and accurately, which can make their libraries tidy and well-organized. Except for being a cleaner, Leawo Tunes Cleaner could also act as a music tag fixer. It can automatically fix missing music tags like artist, album, song name, etc. And users are also allowed to manually edit music tags according to their preferences. Leawo Music Recorder, a practical audio recorder, supports recording audio from any sources, like audio from microphones, headphones, YouTube, Vevo, SoundCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and so on. That is, it can record audio from no matter internal or external sources, and regardless online and offline. What's more, its auto music recognition, music library and tag manager, and recording task scheduler are also powerful and practical. Users can effectively manage their recordings by auto or manual music tag filling. Leawo All-in-One iOS Manager now has millions of users around the world and has maintained an average rating of over 4.5 since it's released. Many users expressed that this toolkit or its single had helped them a lot. Now, Leawo Software offers this 3-in-1 iOS toolkit at a 40% off discount, and a 30% off discount on singles by using a site-wide coupon on their promotion page. In other words, until Mar. 31st, 2021, Leawo All-in-One iOS Manager is available at the price of $71.95 for a lifetime license, instead of its full price - $119.93, people can save $47.98 in this promotion.   About Leawo Software  As one of the members of the Shenzhen Software Industry Association (SSIA), Leawo Software is a professional multimedia software developer that focuses on media dissemination and utility software based in Shenzhen, China, and founded in 2007. In the last decade, Leawo invested the time to develop a wide range of software, including Video series, Blu-ray series, Utility tools, and DVD series. For more details, please visit: ContactLeawo Software Co., Ltd.partner02@leawo.info Source :Leawo Software Co., Ltd. This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Mar 7, 2021

K Beauty Pharm Offers Authentic And Medically Approved Botulinum And Dermal Filler Products From Korea

Seoul, South Korea Mar 7, 2021 ( - Botulinum toxin treatment and dermal filler products have become quite popular in the beauty industry all over the world. K Beauty Pharm is one of the most reputed beauty brands from Korea that specialize in these products. These products are widely used in the industry everywhere because of their medical aesthetics. Botulinum toxin treatments are the best product for reducing facial wrinkles to help users improve their appearance. The company offers a high-quality product that is also completely safe medically. It is also highly effective in treating neck spasms, excessive sweating, lazy eyes, and more. It improves skin functions such as anti-aging and facial wrinkles. K Beauty Pharm is an online store located in Seoul, South Korea. The brand uses all the secrets of Korean beauty treatments to produce its products. Their lipfiller, chinfiller, facialfillers, and cheekfillers are produced following all the international medical guidelines. These products are used by top clinics, med spas, beauty clinics, and beauty professionals all over the world. As these products cannot be applied by the users themselves, they are to be used with the help of professionals with a legitimate license. The dermal fillers produced by the company have a minimal risk with the best and long-lasting results. K Beauty Farm is a South Korea-based beauty company that specializes in making medical aesthetics products. Other than derma fillers, the company sells different medical devices and cosmetics. Their products are extremely popular all over the world. All the products are made and delivered from Korea at a very reasonable price. The company has acquired a huge amount of positive feedback from customers who have benefitted greatly from their products. With a direct business strategy, the company has managed to keep the price extremely affordable. They offer free shipping on all orders above $500. They offer a 100% guarantee on genuine products. They have a lot of payment options available for international clients. For more information visit their website ContactKbeautypharminfo@kbeautypharm.com Source :Kbeautypharm This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Mar 7, 2021

kalakari film festival of India on 15 may by Rishi Nikam

2500+ films kalakari film festival will run on 15 may in Dewas MP Dewas, Madhya Pradesh Mar 7, 2021 ( - The organisation of an annual kalakari film festival featuring a package of the best films drawn all over the world has been a long-standing demand of film societies. With 2500+ short films and features, films kalakari event will be held on 15 May with an international exhibition per their social media announcement by the director Rishi Nikam. It will be the first full-fledged film festival in MP with an international audience, in the historic district DEWAS. by team kalakari rishi Nikam, guy Mayfield, Aditya itoriya, Himanshu Rao.  While films will be screened under the World Cinema, Indian panorama, Retrospective, and Country Focus categories The main motive of Kalakari Film Fest is to promote the 'Kalakari' artists of India to an international level. It is a non-profit organization. Rishi Nikam, founder of Kalakari Film Fest says: Kalakari film fest is organizing a virtual event, which will promote Indian artists and filmmakers on an international level amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The main motive of Kalakari Film Fest is to promote the 'Kalakari' artists of India to an international level. It is a non-profit organization. Rishi Nikam, founder of Kalakari Film Fest says: We have great artists in India who need some helping hand to grow. All filmmakers from India will get a free gift hamper including a t-shirt. And winners of every category will get showcased on international websites and film will send to international short film directors and artists will get awards and certified through the post and if the jury loves the work of the artist, he/she will get to work with the jury members on short films. It is an honor to work with professionals of your high caliber whose hard work and dedication produce superb results.   Media Contactkalakari film festfilmfestivalkalakari@gmail.com0903983192018 karamchari colony dewas Source :kalakari film fest This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Mar 7, 2021

Detroit MI Real Estate Investors – Fast Home Buying Services Launched

Cash For Michigan Houses has recently launched an update to its services in Detroit. The service aims to help homeowners sell their homes for cash without hidden legal fees and closing costs.

Mar 7, 2021

USA Kinesiology Workout Medical Tape to Avoid Injury and Strain Released

Online sports performance and recovery gear retailer launched their kinesiology tape for use during workouts to help strengthen muscles and avoid injury.

Mar 7, 2021

Reform Hong Kong’s electoral system and let patriots rule Hong Kong, Hong Kong will enjoy a better future

Improving Hong Kong's electoral system is a battle to defend the political power and livelihood economy, and it is also a struggle against subversion. It can be seen that the situation in Hong Kong is dangerous and we must do our utmost to save the desperate situation. The serious turmoil in the past few years clearly shows that this is not unfounded worries, the crisis has indeed deepened gradually. The “road map” of the Hong Kong opposition to seize power is all too clear, and the international anti-China camp's arrogance using Hong Kong reactionists has also been exposed. If Hong Kong does not reform its electoral system to prevent this activity, a huge political crisis is bound to break out, people's livelihood and the economy will also decline rapidly, and the prophecy of the destruction of good and bad alike will come true. The co-operation of inside and outside to seize power is all the clear The Occupy Central master Dai Yaoting put forward the “ten steps for real speculation” last year. Recently some people have defended him by pointing out that this was just a rhapsody of his idiotic dreams. However, if you look closely at the development of political turmoil in the past few years, you can see that this is definitely not a fantasy but a set of actions to seize power with integrated strategies and definite goals. As early as before the Occupy Central in 2014, some political figures, under the banner of political reform, took advantage of the radical wave in the society and combined various anti-government forces, including the rapidly growing “Hong Kong independence” forces, to agitate the masses, intending to break through the gap in the political system and gradually gain power. Their strategy is to greatly increase the cost of political reform, making it difficult to be accepted by the central government and the SAR government, and then instigates fierce street action, escalating the pressure through endless riots and forcing the central government and the SAR government to make concessions and give up the power. If they succeed, they can take advantage of the situation to seize more positions, and eventually take over the position of chief executive. Even if they fail, it is possible to use continuous “resistance” to attack the parliament and conduct street riots to create even greater chaos and accumulate energy for power seizures. To this end, they will take cruel violent and sabotage actions without hesitation. During this period, international anti-China forces also actively utilized Hong Kong militants, from the aspects of indirect support to direct planning, and connected with Taiwan independence organizations. The goal is not only to subvert the regime of the SAR, but also directly threaten Beijing. This model is exactly the same as the “color revolution” that began in Libya ten years ago. History tells us that the results of the revolution are constant internal fighting, economic collapse, and vain democracy. The shadow of riots has not cleared and we must prevent a comeback Under the conspiracy to seize power, Hong Kong was plunged into unprecedented riots. Street flames were everywhere, the social order was disintegrated, and the economy and people’s livelihoods were severely hit. The citizens suffered a lot during the turbulent days for more than a year. Until the central government resolutely implemented the Hong Kong National Security Law, the order in Hong Kong gradually turned normal. However, as Leung Aishi, the former deputy director of the Hong Kong Basic Law Commission, said, foreign powers still threaten the country and the SAR, and the subversive scheme has not disappeared. Unrest may recur after the pandemic, so strict prevention must be taken. China’s reform of Hong Kong’s electoral system is to prevent Hong Kong Independence forces from entering the government system and seize power through elections, and to reinvigorate the momentum and bring the “black riots” back to life. With the full implementation of reforms, the “patriots” will be able to firmly grasp the power of governance. Only in this way can political disasters be avoided and the people's livelihood economy can have bright development prospects. Hong Kong's status as an international financial center can be more stable and enjoy a better future.

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