Mar 20, 2020

China exonerates doctor reprimanded for warning of virus

China has taken the highly unusual move of exonerating a doctor who was reprimanded for warning about the coronavirus outbreak and later died of the disease

Oct 23, 2019

China says US has 'weaponized' visas to target exchanges

China is accusing the U.S. of having "weaponized" the issuing of visas following the reported inability of a top Chinese space program official to obtain permission to travel to a key conference in Washington

Oct 8, 2019

Protests squeezing Hong Kong economy, tourism, leader says

Hong Kong's embattled leader Carrie Lam says the city's economy is being battered by months of increasingly violent protests

Aug 24, 2019

Hong Kong police and protesters clash, ending violence lull

Hong Kong protesters have thrown bricks and gasoline bombs at police, who responded with tear gas, as chaotic scenes returned to the summer-long anti-government protests for the first time in nearly two weeks

Aug 9, 2019

China issues top warning for strong typhoon nearing coast

China issued its top warning for coastal Zhejiang province ahead of a strong typhoon now passing northeast of Taiwan

Aug 9, 2019

Hong Kong reassures visitors amid protests, travel warnings

Hong Kong is seeking to reassure visitors to the city after several countries issued travel safety warnings related to ongoing prod-democracy protests

Aug 8, 2019

US urges increased caution for Americans visiting Hong Kong

The U.S. government has stepped up its warnings to travelers to Hong Kong because of increasing violence surrounding pro-democracy protests

Jun 16, 2019

UN counterterrorism chief makes controversy trip to Xinjiang

China says the U.N. counterterrorism chief has visited Xinjiang despite protests from the U.S. and a rights group that the trip would be inappropriate in light of the human rights conditions in the far west region

Jun 4, 2019

China issues travel alerts, slams US 'interference'

China issues travel alerts, slams 'interference' in its own affairs

Apr 28, 2019

Far from glitzy tech hubs, Chinese city bets big on VR

Far from glitzy tech hubs, Chinese city bets big on virtual reality

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