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Imperiled Idaho sockeye salmon run falters with poor return

Sep 27, 2017

The number of imperiled Snake River sockeye salmon that made it back to central Idaho this year is the second worst in the last decade, but enough hatchery-raised fish exist to keep a state and federal recovery program going

Coffee sold in California could carry cancer warning labels

Sep 25, 2017

Coffee could carry an ominous cancer warning in California if a nonprofit group prevails in a Los Angeles courtroom

Zuckerberg visits Philly, orders cheesesteak like a local

Sep 25, 2017

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posts photo of himself ordering a cheesesteak in Philadelphia

Shark fin bans might not help sharks, scientists say

Sep 24, 2017

A pair of scientists says efforts to ban shark fins in the U.S. might actually harm attempts to conserve the marine predators

Turnpike, Parkway rest stop makeovers evoking mixed feelings

Sep 24, 2017

New Jersey's aging rest stops along the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway are getting makeovers

On the hunt: Lithuanians race to pick wild mushrooms

Sep 23, 2017

Hundreds of Lithuanians have been running around with baskets and buckets in a pine forest in southeastern Lithuania for the national championship of wild mushroom picking

Amazon signs deal to boost its restaurant delivery service

Sep 22, 2017

Amazon wants to deliver more burritos and hamburgers to your doorstep

Hurricane pushes long-suffering Puerto Rico to the edge

Sep 22, 2017

Puerto Rico was already on the edge before Hurricane Maria, reeling from a decade-long, downward economic spiral that was far deeper than the Great Recession on the mainland

Excitement bubbles up at BYU as caffeinated soda now on sale

Sep 22, 2017

Students at Brigham Young University were surprised when the Mormon-owned school ended a six-decade ban on the sale of caffeinated soft drinks on campus

California hits Gatorade in court for "anti-water" videogame

Sep 21, 2017

California's attorney general has reached a $300,000 settlement with Gatorade over allegations the company made "anti-water" statements in a cellphone video game

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