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China auto sales sink 48.4% in March as virus hurts demand
Apr 11, 2020

China auto sales sink 48.4% in March as virus hurts demand

China’s auto sales sank 48.4% in March from a year ago as the economy reeled from the coronavirus, adding to strains for the struggling industry

Mar 6, 2019

KFC dedicates China restaurant to memory of Communist hero

Fast food chain KFC is memorializing a popular Chinese Communist hero with restaurant decor extolling his deeds in a rare matching of an iconic American brand with Communist propaganda

Aug 7, 2018

Solar cookout aims to woo traditional chefs, cut carbon

Solar cooker bash aims to win over finicky Chinese chefs, vanquish sooty mainstays

May 19, 2018

Panda Beer anyone? Craft beers flow in middle-class China

Hundreds of craft beer enthusiasts, investors and brewers are attending an exhibition in Shanghai dedicated to expanding the palette of Chinese consumers and promoting sales of high-end brews

May 11, 2018

AP Interview: Food agency head hopes talks help N. Koreans

AP Interview: The head of the United Nations' World Food Program says a peace agreement with North Korea will go far toward easing the impoverished nation's food security woes

Apr 5, 2018

China-US tariff spat: Mostly losers, but some winners too

China's threat to raise tariffs on U.S. goods could be a disaster for American soybean farmers but a boon to their Brazilian and Argentine competitors, European aerospace companies and Japanese whiskey distillers

Mar 27, 2018

Hong Kong's skyline farms harvest more happiness than food

Skyline farms thrive on space-starved Hong Kong's rooftops, yielding more happiness than food

Mar 23, 2017

Spokesman confirms China suspended imports of Brazil beef

A spokesman for China's commerce ministry says the country has suspended imports of Brazilian beef

Jan 27, 2017

Chinese Lunar New Year feast begins with drums and dumplings

Villages and cities across China are preparing this weekend to celebrate Lunar New Year, though few feasts are as elaborate as the one in Liuminying, a hamlet in Beijing's suburbs

Pop stars, diplomacy victims of cooling China-S. Korea ties
Aug 10, 2016

Pop stars, diplomacy victims of cooling China-S. Korea ties

Growing Chinese anger at South Korea over a U.S. anti-missile defense system bodes ill for everything from pop star appearances to U.N. action against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats

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